Pre-Sized Gang Sheet Builder

Don’t have a gang sheet ready to upload? No worries! Use our Gang Sheet builder tool to bring your creations to life! Just click the button below to get started with your design.

Don’t have a gang sheet designed and ready to print? Check out our DTF transfers or our Gang Sheet Builder to bring your visions to life!

  • At Print Magic Transfers, we employ the finest inks, films, and powders to achieve the brightest and most vibrant whites and colors, regardless of the fabric type, material, color, or level of stretchiness. Our cutting-edge process and premium materials not only deliver stunning visuals but also enhance durability and flexibility, standing up to rigorous washing tests.
  • Each order is meticulously examined by one of our skilled designers, ensuring impeccable and optimized printing. We’re ready to assist you with tasks like background removal or any other adjustments if you provide us with special instructions during the checkout process.
  • We are committed to your satisfaction. Every order is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll happily reprint your order for you.
  • Don’t forget, our Direct To Film transfers are hot peel, ensuring the most convenient and efficient application process.
  • 150 DPI at actual print size, 300 DPI is preferred and recommended 
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • Background MUST be transparent
  • Accepted file types are: .PNG, .PDF, .AI, .EPS
  • Artwork must be cropped to print size
  1. Place garment on heat press and place the direct to film transfer in your desired position (right reading) facing upwards.
  2. Press with firm pressure at 300° F for 10 seconds.
  3. Hot peel the film from the garment.
    1. Start from a corner with the most ink coverage and remove in one, rapid motion (like removing a bandage)
  4. Place garment on heat press, cover with parchment or teflon for final press and hold for 5 seconds. 

Note: If you are not comfortable doing a hot peel, let the transfer cool and then remove the film!

For instructions for different materials and how to use with a Cricut, click here.

  • All orders are shipping out of Charlotte, North Carolina
  • All orders will be shipped with UPS 
  • All orders that are $99 or more will automatically get free shipping, but expedited options are available at checkout.

Customer service is our number one priority so if you have an issue with your order please fill out the “Order Issue Form” specifying what is wrong with your order. 

  • Note: We do not give refunds or reprints for matters such as, incorrect artwork was submitted, or poor image quality. 


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Designed By

Ashton Jacobs

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