Artwork Guidelines

November 5th, 2023


At Print Magic Transfers, we believe in the power of custom apparel to bring groups and communities together. We understand that each design represents a unique perspective and a creative expression. While we value your freedom of expression, we also aim to maintain a balance that respects the broader impact on our customers and the general public.

We have established clear content standards to guide the creation of custom products. These standards help us communicate what will be printed on our products effectively.

Content Standards

Print Magic Transfers uses the following categories to define the standards for custom designs:

1. Restricted Content:
We do not print designs that we reasonably believe:

– Infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others (please refer to our intellectual property policy).
– Constitute libel, fraud, or any other illegal activity.
– Encourage violence or abuse against individuals or groups.
– Contain hate speech.
– Promote hate or harassment of private individuals.
– Feature or encourage the use of hard drugs.
– Include explicit sexual content or nudity of a non-artistic/health/medical nature.
– Contain sexually suggestive images or text involving children.
– Promote, feature, or encourage underage drinking, smoking, or marijuana use.

2. Content That May Require Modification:
We may not print designs that:

– Include defamatory statements.
– Encourage hate or harassment of public figures.
– Dehumanize individuals or encourage violence.
– Feature vulgar or lewd content.
– Contain sexually suggestive content, including images of an artistic/health/medical nature.
– Focus on violence, including events, terms, or images.
– Promote, feature, or encourage illegal activity.
– Promote or defend criminal or alleged criminal acts.
– May inspire harm or violence.

3. Approved Content:
Print Magic Transfers will print designs that:

– Use language and images suitable for people of all ages.
– Are unlikely to cause offense to others.
– Respect intellectual property rights by using legally authorized content.

Questions and Assistance

If you have any questions about whether your design meets our printing standards or requires adjustments, please feel free to contact our customer support team through the following channels:

– Instant Message on social media
– Phone: TBD
– Email: service@printmagictransfers.com

We are here to assist you and ensure your custom apparel experience with Print Magic Transfers is both enjoyable and compliant with our content standards.


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