DTF Transfers Not Sticking?

DTF Transfers Not Sticking. What Next? Learn More Direct To Film (DTF) Printing Direct-to-film (DTF) transfer printing has become a staple in the garment decoration industry, offering intricate designs and vibrant colors. However, challenges can arise when transfers fail to adhere properly to garments. This guide explores the common causes behind adhesion issues and provides […]

What Can You Use DTF On?

What Can You Use DTF On? Learn More Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of digital printing, Direct to Film (DTF) transfers have emerged as a revolutionary technology, unlocking new possibilities for creative expression. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into the intricacies of DTF transfers, providing a step-by-step overview of how to effectively use them […]

Screen Printers and DTF

Screen Printers and DTF Learn More Introduction In the ever-evolving world of garment decoration, staying ahead of the curve requires a keen eye for innovation. One such groundbreaking technology making waves in the screen printing industry is Direct to Film (DTF) printing. It’s essential to understand that DTF is not here to replace traditional screen […]

Our Heat Press Instructions

Our Heat Press Instructions Learn More Introduction Press times are a play on time and temperature but here are some guidelines I use as a starting point. Start with a lower temp if you are unsure and peel at a 180 across the platen with a snap. If you want to peel slow take it […]

What Are DTF Transfers?

What Are DTF Transfers? Learn More Changes In Printing Technologies Custom printing methods have come a long way, offering diverse options to cater to a wide range of printing needs. One such innovation making waves in the custom printing industry is Direct To Film (DTF) transfers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world […]

DTF vs. DTG. Which is Better?

DTF vs. DTG. Which Is Better? Learn More Introduction When it comes to custom printing, there are numerous methods available, each with its unique advantages and applications. Two popular choices in the world of custom apparel printing are Direct To Film (DTF) and Direct To Garment (DTG) printing. In this post, we’ll compare these two […]


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